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It is fairly easy to talk about event management in general, whether you are discussing hiring entertainment, arranging and operating Audio Visual or even just making sure the Master of Ceremony(MC) gets to the location on time. What can sometimes get lost is the role that an event management company in Singapore plays and how a professional event company can be extraordinarily helpful and sometimes necessary to make sure big events come together in the most spectacular way possible. 

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What exactly is “Event Management / Event Management Services”

Event management is the coordinated effort behind planning, organising and executing various events or features. This includes weddings, corporate meetings, fundraisers, sporting events, fashion shows, and much more. Event management is a team effort and is not tied to any one individual. Although event planning companies always have someone in charge, there is an understanding that true magic cannot be created without everyone working at a high standard. There is also a large creative element since event management thrives on creating innovative and memorable audio visual displays and entertainment options.

What goes on behind the scenes

Event Conceptualisation

Take for example an annual product launch by one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. What culminates to the launch involves at least 6 months of planning ahead of the event, and they involve an intricate model that focuses on a few factors.

– Concept of the event 
– Target Group of the event
– Focus of the event 

The above factors mostly determine the success of an event company. 

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Concept of the Event (Design Foundation, Concept and Approval)

An experienced project lead will kick start the planning of an event with an initial concept discussion with the creative team. The initial concept discussion will mostly revolve around the general idea requested by the client.

A design mock up and idea will then be presented to the client for approval. The concept proposal and approval cycle is a lengthy process that might take up to months at times. 

Upon finalisation of a concept, the team will work on the 3D mapping of the event space for approval. 

Planning & Execution (Target group and Focus of the event company)

Behind every successful event turnout is the hard work and effort of a capable marketing team, both online and offline. A carefully curated marketing campaign will be tailored for every event to ensure that it reaches the targeted audience and communicates the focus of the event. 

The project lead will be the focus of attention after the planning and marketing stage. On the ground operations will be tasked to different project executives based on their capabilities and specialisation. The project lead will act as the command centre to oversee the event as a whole while the project executives will carry out their roles and duties to ensure the success of the event. 

A brief look into the tasks allocated would be:

-Event venue setup
-VIP Transportation/Guests arrival 
-Guests Registration
-Event Security
-Event Manpower
-Event Operation 
-Tech & AV Setup & Testing

Concert Event-company

We hope that this sneak preview into the life of an event planner hasn’t scared off any event company hopefuls! As much as it might seem taxing, the experience and fulfilment from event planning is definitely like no other!


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