End To End Recruitment & Placement Services

We work tirelessly to connect only the right candidates to the right companies. We guarantee that every application will be thoroughly assessed and evaluated.

Holistic HR Software Solutions

Customised and bespoke HR softwares made to cater to every company's unique and individual needs. Probably the most fuss free and easiest software you will ever need.

Outsourced HR and Payroll Function

Too much time spent on managing your workforce's rudimentary details and payroll? Fret not, we are here to shoulder these minuscule but taxing duties.

Our Partners

All our software partners have been personally trialled and tested by our team to ensure that we provide and recommend only the ones we are truly confident about


Deputy is the all-in-one web based solution that simplifies scheduling, timesheets, tasking, and communication. Get back to loving your business again.



Talenox is a Singapore based Payroll & Leave management software with a focus on 'an HR experience designed for people first'. All statutory and leave regulations are constantly updated so you can leave the nitty gritty to them!

Watch out for this space

Watch out for this space

We are in the midst of finalising this partner and we can guarantee that this will be exciting and worthwhile

Watch out for this space too

Watch out for this space too

We are in the midst of finalising this partner and we can guarantee that this will be exciting and worthwhile too

About Us


Established in 2017, the team at WGT consists of ex-professionals of the Finance, Recruitment and Marketing industry. The idea was conceived after noticing an evident lack of efficiency in the entire HR Ecosystem. A business owner should not forced to choose between sacrificing his personal time or hiring an additional person to solely deal with minuscule tasks. With us at the heart of the industry, we aim to provide a hoslitic HR service, right from recruitment to the end of an employee's lifecycle.

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Recruitment requires patience. It used to be about finding the right person for a job. Now it's about finding the right person that will do the job, enjoy the job, and want to stay and grow with the company.
A Wise Man

A Wise Man

Once Said
Human Resource isn't a thing we do. It's the thing that runs our business.
Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn

Wynn Las Vegas
Financial resources may be the lifeblood of the company, but never forget that human resources are the brains.
Rob Silzer

Rob Silzer

HR Consultant, Managing Director.
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