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What makes an event company in Singapore truly professional? Be it an exciting brand activation event or a corporate event to celebrate a company milestone, running an event requires a team that is meticulous enough in its planning and nimble enough to manage unexpected challenges. 

Professional Event Company in Singapore
Pokemon Parade at Jewel Changi Airport required meticulous planning and manpower training

Understands clients’ needs and objectives

During the initial planning stage, a professional event company makes it their priority to meet clients and understand their objective for holding the event. They will also ask how successful the clients’ events have been in the past, and what worked or what did not work from the client’s perspective. Then event planners will help clients envision what the end event might look like. A professional event company is able to do up a rough estimate of anticipated costs and inclusions, in any case that budget approvals need to be given by higher authorities. This will help set realistic expectations for the event, as both the event company and the clients will know what will be doable and what will not be. Most importantly, professional event companies know what the absolute essentials are for the event. These include the technical side such as time needed for moving in, setting up or tearing down and moving out, to the less tangible aspects such as what would make the event memorable to guests. Professional event companies will ask clients who exactly will be the ones experiencing and attending the event such that they can tailor their event style to meet these guests’ needs and expectations.

Corporate Event Singapore Company
IRVINS corporate company event was a huge success! Thank you to our partnering hotels and caterers.

Wide working relationships with reliable partners

According to the clients’ timeline and budget, event planners will then propose possible event ideas and styles, locations, gather suitable trained manpower and even special event building and structures. Professional event companies have good and wide working relationships with suppliers and partners. They already have a prepared list of connections forged over past events that meet their standard to provide reliable event services. Traditional locations include hotels or convention centers, but professional event companies go beyond these to include settings such as museums, art galleries, exclusive restaurants, yacht clubs, nightclubs, skating rinks, aquarium and even beaches and gardens. For example, the event company may engage a tentage company to set up a tent to provide additional space or serve as a second area. These materials should be of good quality, and the tent supplier should do a site inspection with the main event planner to ensure that the tent design works with the location and event style. Other partners include catering companies, transportation companies, security personnel, audiovisual and lighting crew, entertainment team, and photographers and videographers. 

Event Services Company in Singapore
Communicating with the client and having an efficient system of organisation is key

Excellent at Organisation

Professional event companies understand that the key to organising a smooth event is organisation. Based on past experiences, they would have built a system to estimate and track costs, payment schedules and track everyone’s duties. Every time the planner receives new costs or makes adjustments or changes, the budget needs to be updated so that there are no surprises. As no two events are the same, the cost sheet should have a basic template and be tweaked as the event planner walks through the event from beginning to end. There ought to be as little assumptions as possible, and every additional cost should be accounted for. Event planners need to advise their client at the time of contracting of payment terms and conditions and lay out dates and amounts in the contract with time buffers built in. Like how every movie has their script, and every orchestra has their music score, every event planner has their function sheet. The function sheet ensures that every person knows what their role and responsibility is, and where they need to be positioned and when. This will prevent multiple people from doing the same task resulting in a waste of time and effort. The function sheet will also include all essential personnel’s contacts including all names, titles, company names of manpower involved. All these organisational systems need to be well documented to show that due diligence was taken in all areas. It also comes in handy for the event company when they need to thank their partners and suppliers after the event!

A truly professional event company in Singapore knows that after every successful event, there will still be areas of learning and growth. They take time to review whether the objectives have been met, and prepare an event review summary for the client. Ultimately, every event will have its own challenges and require expertise to minimise and manoeuvre unexpected twists and turns. Meticulous planning skills, an ability to tap on the expertise of their reliable partners, and excellent organisational skills, these are the three qualities that make an event company truly professional.


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