The top tech buzzword that every HR professional should know

The HR function has always been considered one of the most innovative functions. With startups and companies constantly making technological breakthroughs and advancement. We came across an article by Samantha Chan (link listed below) yesterday and thought that it would be nice to point out what we think is the top tech buzzword that every HR professional should know. (For the busy ones who really cannot be bothered running through 5 minutes articles).

The top 5 listed buzzwords

  • Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  • Boolean Search
  • Enterprise resource planning(ERP)
  • Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
  • Software-as-a-Service(SaaS)

What we think you should really know

Artificial Intelligence & SaaS & MAYBE ERP

The title of a human resource department and an employee of that specific department comes with a set of responsibilities that is unique and extremely important. Considering the implementation and introduction of SaaS in the structure of the company, there will be many mundane and redundant task that can be taken off the shoulders of a HR professional.

With that, the attention from the time and resources saved can be shifted to a gradual implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the function and the incorporation of ERP(A top-down management software // click here for more info on ERP).

It’s known deep down that change is always inevitable but it is unfortunate that unless we(humans) see the value of change, we would almost always prefer that same beaten path taken. What we at WGT would like to do is to inspire a change, and I hope that you(the one reading this) would like to be the reason to push your organisation to greater heights.

As promised. A short and sweet article. Thank you for reading this.

References: All Markets by Samantha Chan. The top five tech buzzwords HR professionals should know.

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